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Photo Pillow Case

These are a fun new item. Your photo is printed on a pillow case using our dye sublimation process. The dye sublimation process, just like we use on our Fleece Photo Blankets, results in a near photographic quality image. The dye sublimation process also avoids the rubber real of an iron on or heat transfer. The inks are dyed right into the fabric; you can’t feel the image at all.

Our Photo Pillow Cases have been popular as a gift to a long distance boyfriend or girlfriend. They’re a very personal gift to keep someone close who is far away. For this same reason, we’ve made several that have been shipped overseas to our men and women in the armed forces. What a great way to keep those in the Army and Marines feel loved than with them on their pillow every night?

They are also inexpensive so they won’t break your budget either.


Photo Rubick’s Cube

Do you remember the Rubick’s Cube? It was first introduced in 1974 and was extremely popular well into the 80’s. I know I had one and it frustrated the heck out of me.

We recently introduced a personalized Photo Rubick’s Cube and some of the uses have been just great. Parents like to buy a Rubick’s Cube with photos of their new baby on it. It makes a great keepsake and fun conversation piece to display in their home.

We’ve also seen several for birthdays too. We recently make one for a 40th birthday. One side was the birthday boy while the others were memorable photos such as one of his family, his boat, some friends and a few from work. His wife, who ordered it, is looking forward to seeing his expression when he opens it on his birthday.

A photo Rubick’s Cube is also a popular gift for a girl friend. Girls seem to have hundreds of photos of themselves and their friends. Picking just six may be the hard part but it’ll be worth the effort. It’s better than a picture frame because you’ve got six photos to choose from and can turn it to your favorite side!