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Disney Photo Puzzles

This is a cute idea we’ve seen done several times.  Mom and Dad have planned a surprise trip to Disney for their family, but how do they tell the kids?  They create (or use existing) photos of Disney related items, order it as a photo puzzle and let the kids put the puzzle together.  When the puzzle is complete, they learn what the surprise is, a trip to Disney!!

Some have used pictures of Disney cruise ships, of Disney theme parks or of previous trips using their own family photos.  The more creative parents have included text on the image as well.  Some used our standard Photo Puzzles and others use our higher quality Wooden Photo Puzzles.  Both kinds of photo puzzles can be mounted when complete and kept as a keepsake.

It’s a cute idea that creates both a great surprise and a great memory of the occasion.



Scuba Photo Towels

I see a lot of interesting uses for our Photo Beach Towels from swim teams to football teams but saw one recently that was a great fit. It was an order for beach towels for a scuba club. An obvious use but one we don’t see a lot of. Each towel had a photo of the person in full scuba gear and we added their name across the bottom. Because each photo was of the person standing, they fit the 30” x 60” towels very nicely with little cropping.

Scuba guys and gals certainly have a frequent use for a towel. Our large, thick, Cotton beach towels will last for years to come because they are quality towels and not a cheap gimmick gift. The 2-ply Cotton and custom woven towel will stand up to years of use and can easily be washed and dried in your home machines.

If you’ve got a team or group and looking for a unique gift that they can actually use, take a look at our Custom Photo Beach Towel.