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Personalized Photo Dopp Kit

A Photo Dopp Kit is a great guys gift.  Our Photo Purses have been popular with the women, but the guys didn’t buy them much.  Our Dopp Kits are made in much the same way as the purses, high quality materials and great detail with dye sublimation printing.

For the man who travels,  for business or pleasure, a Dopp Kit is a popular and handy way to pack his personal care items.  I’ve used one for years and find it very convenient to keep all my bathroom items together when packing and unpacking.  Having a personal photo on it is a great way to bring a little bit of home when traveling.  Maybe it’s a photo of the kids, the family dog or his wife, but something familiar is with him when away from home.

The Photo Dopp Kit itself is roomy inside and durable enough to withstand the abuses of traveling.  We don’t make the ‘cute but not very usable’ kind of stuff and this is no exception.  For details on sizes and prices, view the Photo Dopp Kit on our website.

It’s a great gift idea for Father’s Day or for dad’s birthday.


Cruise Photo Beach Towels

When you’ve got a group going together on a cruise, you may want to have something to commemorate the trip and the occasion for the trip. Recently, we have two such instances. One was an anniversary cruise and the other a 50th birthday cruise.

The anniversary cruise photo beach towels were a surprise gift from the kids for their parents. They found five photos of their parents in their younger days and made us photo beach towels for everyone on the cruise. The anniversary couple each got their own custom towel of their spouse. What a great gift for everyone to help celebrate their 50th anniversary and a wonderful souvenir that each can use for years to come.

In the other case, a famous TV host was taking her husband and several friends on a cruise for his 50th birthday. On her beach towels, she used a recent photo and a personalized message across the bottom. Each guest on the cruise received their personalized photo beach towel in their cabin on the first night of the cruise. They now all have their own beach towel and every time they use it, they’ll remember to wonderful time they had with their friends on the 50th birthday party cruise.


Woven Photo Blanket for your Team or Senior

When the end of the season arrives, it’s time to find a gift for the coach and the seniors.  Something personalized, something that will remind them of the year together and the fun they had.  There is nothing more personalized than a photo.  So what to put it on?

We see a lot of people choosing the woven photo blankets.  The woven photo blanket is our most popular type.  The blanket itself is thick and soft and makes a great keepsake.  The fringe on the edges and the feel of the blanket make it more like an heirloom than the other types of photo blankets.

The cotton used to weave them is soft and vibrant.  They can be washed and dried at home so they are easy and inexpensive to care for.  With four sizes, you can find the one that best suits your needs and budget.  The small photo blanket is often used for individual senior photos.  The larger woven photo blankets are more often used with team photos for the coach’s gift.  Personalized text can be added to any blanket for free.

The woven blankets, more so than the other types of photo blankets, make for great mementos of the great times shared during team sports.