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Summer Photo Beach Towels

As we get further into summer, we see more and more photo beach towels being ordered.  There are vacation photos from Hawaii, pictures from the lake house and pictures from the backyard pool.

Photo beach towels are one of my favorite gifts.  The towel itself is such a great towel in it’s own right.  The cotton is soft and thick.  You can tell a quality towel as it gets washed more and more.  Good towels get a little softer and better with age.  Poor quality towels get thinner and a little scratchy.

Second, the towels can be used on a regular basis over and over again.  Some gifts get put on a shelf and admired or used a few times but are only useful in limited situations.  A beach towel can be used at the pool and the beach all summer long.  It can also be used as a daily bath towel.  As I mentioned above, these are quality towels and stand up well to daily use.

Add the fact that it’s a one of a kind gift and you can see why I like them so much.  You can preserve a memory by letting us weave you a photo beach towel.  Years from now, you’ll remember not only the event from the photo but all the times and places you’ve used the towel too.

With our volume discounts, they are an affordable choice for events such as bridal showers, family reunions, retirements and anniversaries.  You’ll have to admit, they do make a unique gift.

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Anniversary Photo Blanket

A personalized anniversary present is important to get right.  It will be around for years to come and, if you do get it right, will be one of those gifts that always warms your heart.  An anniversary photo blanket can come is a variety of sizes and prices.

The most popular is the woven photo blanket.  It’s the most traditional type of blanket and has more of an ‘heirloom’ quality to it.  The woven cotton and fringe on the edges can be proudly displayed draped over the back of your couch or used to snuggle under for years to come.  It’s thick and warm and the woven image looks like an artists rendering.

A fleece photo blanket is more modern and the detail in the image is just fabulous.  With a good digital image, you’ll notice the twinkle in her eye, literally!  This make them great when using an engagement or wedding photo.  There are different types of fleece blankets too.  The image will look the same on all of them, the difference is how thick and snuggly they are.   Our Sweatshirt Fleece Photo Blanket is a little thicker than the regular one.  The double layer fleece photo blanket is two fleece blankets sewn together.  The edging is a fancy sewn edge giving it a more upscale look.  The backside is most often black but can be one of several other colors.

Whichever photo blanket you choose for your anniversary gift, you can be certain it will be one of those gifts that is cherished for years to come.  You’ll be glad you gave it this year and ten years from now.

Dog Memorial Photo Blanket

When we lose a dog or other pet, we often want a way to keep their memory alive.  A memorial photo blanket provides a great way to preserver their memory in a way that can be treasured for years to come.  The woven photo photo blanket is the best option for a memorial blanket.

The woven photo blanket is the most ‘traditional’ type.  The fringe on the edges and the way the image appears gives it an heirloom quality.   Using a favorite photo, your blanket can be displayed on your couch or even hung on a wall.  Either way, it will last for years to come and can be washed and dried in your home machine.

We also see memorial photo blankets for horses and cats.  Most often, it is simply a favorite photo.  In some cases, a name or dates are added to the image.  No matter how you want to preserve the memory, their photo will remind you of all the good times, great memories and what a great dog they were.

Because they are made from 100% Cotton, they can be used to snuggle with as well.  Young children, and some not so young, find comfort in still being able to cuddle up with their lost dog.  They are soft and thick and warm and will provide some comfort.

Production times are usually 7-10 days for a woven photo blanket, so you won’t wait long to receive memorial blanket.  Most times, except during the holidays, we can put a rush on your blanket and get it to you a bit quicker.  All you have to do is ask.

It’s not a fun thought, but as the years go by, you’ll appreciate having a memorial photo blanket of your dog, cat or horse.