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How to buy a memorable Christmas present?

How do you buy a memorable Christmas present?  There are always a few people on your list that you want to buy something really special for.  They could be close friends or family members or maybe there was a big event that occurred this year that you want to celebrate and commemorate.  Photos have always been, and will always be, one of the best ways to preserve and celebrate memories.

Putting a special photo (or photos) on a Photo Blanket creates a fabulous way to show off those photos.  Photo albums sit on a shelf and collect dust.  A Photo Blanket can be displayed on your couch, hung on a wall or used to snuggle under.  So now what?  What kind do you choose?

For a collage, a Fleece Photo Blanket is hands down the best bet.  The detail is just fabulous so you can use lots of photos.  The fancy printing process, dye sublimation, permanently ‘prints’ your collage onto the fleece.  The printing does not create the rubbery feel of an iron-on.  Close your eyes and you’d never know it was printed.  With proper care, no bleach, your gift will last for many, many years.  There are several kinds of fleece photo blankets including Sweatshirt and Double-Layer to fit your recipient and your budget.

A Woven Photo Blanket is more traditional.  It is created by weaving pre-dyed yarn on a computer driven loom.  The natural weaving process results in the fringe on all sides, characteristic of all woven blankets.  The image is created from the same Cotton used to weave the blanket so the image is more like an artist rendering than a photograph.  This too can be displayed on your couch and is great to snuggle under.  They are very thick and soft and warm.

All of our Photo Blankets include free personalization and a free proof with your order.  The proof allows you to preview any cropping or text placement before your order is sent to production.  Any and all changes are free as well.  How else can you be sure it will turn out the way you want it to?

Imagine the reaction when someone opens the personalized Photo Blanket you bought them.  They will immediately know you took the time to buy them something special, something one of a kind.  There may be tears but they will be tears of joy and appreciation.