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Realtor Housewarming Photo Blanket

Our Photo Blankets make great gifts, this is nothing new. But using them as a housewarming gift is something new for many and a fabulous idea.

Many years ago, a realtor began buying Woven Photo Blankets from us on a regular basis and shipping them directly to the new home owners. In speaking with her she told me she was buying them as a house warminggift for her new homeowners. Each Photo Blanket had a photo of their new house and she had us add the text “Welcome Home” to each one.

She said it was one of the best ideas she’s ever had. The new home owners proudly display their blanket in their home, often on their couch, and mention it (and their realtor) to everyone one who sees it. What a great way to get referrals! And she’s received many heart-felt thank you’s from her clients who know she put time and effort into selecting a personalized gift for them.

Not only is the Photo Blanket a great housewarming gift, it’s also a great marketing tool for her. Think of all the wonderful things these new home owners are saying about her behind her back. They’re talking to their family and friends, to their new neighbors and anyone else who stops by the house and sees the photo blanket proudly displayed.

While this not the typical buyer of our Photo Blankets, it is a typical response from the gift recipient. They know someone (you) put thought, time and effort into selecting their gift and it’s something they can actually use and display in their home. And when they display it, they will talk about you to their friends. Not a bad thing, right?

If you’d like more information on our wholesale program for realtors and other professionals, please see our wholesale website, Original Photo Blankets, at

Photo Pillow Case

Our Photo Pillow Cases have been very popular. Their uses are quite varied but the sentiment remains the same. They create a way to stay close to the ones we love when we are far way.

For this reason, many are given as gifts to husbands and wives serving in our military (Thank you!) over seas. What a great way to bring home a little closer. They are also a popular gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend as a way to give them a kiss goodnight when you can’t be there. The photo could be a sexy one or from a memorial trip or location. The option to add free personalization makes this gift even more special. You could add a meaningful quote or a simple I Love You.

Your photo is printed on the pillow case using our dye sublimation process. The dye sublimation process, just like we use on our Fleece Photo Blankets, results in a near photographic quality image. This process also avoids the rubber real of an iron on or heat transfer. The inks are dyed right into the fabric so you can’t feel the image at all and will last through wash after wash.

Plus, we can print them both front and back with a different image. Almost like getting two for one. They are also inexpensive so they won’t break your budget either.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to share your great idea for a Photo Pillow Case.

Wedding Anniversary Photo Blanket

Wedding Anniversary Photo BlanketThere are few occasions more significant than your wedding anniversary. Whether it’s your fifth or fiftieth anniversary, it is an occasion that deserves a special, memorable gift. As the years pass, it’s a gift that will be appreciated more and more. Your wedding or engagement photo will make a great place to start, especially for a first anniversary. They are symbolic of the couples life together just as the gift itself is symbolic, they work in harmony together.

Our woven photo blanket is the best type of photo blanket for an anniversary present. The woven blankets are a more traditional type and more heirloom-like in their style. They are woven from 100% cotton and have fringe on four sides. They are very high quality but at an affordable price.

For a twentieth or fiftieth anniversary, you have more options for your photos. All those years together create so many memorable moments. A wedding photo is still a popular choice for the photo blanket but you may also choose to use a more recent photo from a reunion or vacation together. We often see collages made using several photos of the couple and their family. These can be powerful gifts because they draw on the emotions tied to each image. Depending on the number of photos you want to include in your collage photo blanket, you may want to go with a fleece blanket. The level of detail is just amazing and we now have several types of fleece photo blankets to choose from.

A photo blanket makes a great gift for your wedding anniversary present. This is one of those gifts that will be loved and appreciated for all your years to come.

Photo Beach Towel for a Cruise

Photo Beach TowelWhen you plan a big celebration, often you include party favors and/or gifts for your guests. A milestone birthday or anniversary is often just such an occasion. It’s a big deal that deserves a big celebration

Our customers, people just like you, come up with some of the best ideas. There were two similar occasions that I’d like to share with you. One was a 50th anniversary cruise and the other was a 50th birthday cruise.

The couple taking a cruise for their 50th anniversary did not know what was coming. Their children contacted us. They used an old wedding photo from fifty years ago and used that to create their anniversary cruise photo beach towels. All of the kids, spouses and children on the cruise got one of these towels. For the happy couple, they created a special, individual towel for each of them. The husband got a towel with his wife on it and the wife got a towel with her husband on it.

These special, personalized gifts made the cruise even more special. More importantly, they all have a great memento from the trip that they can use and each time they use it they’ll remember the time they spend with their family on their 50th anniversary cruise.

In the other case, a popular TV host was taking her husband and several friends on a cruise for his 50th birthday. On her beach towels, she used a recent photo and a personalized text across the bottom. Each guest on the cruise received their personalized photo beach towel in their cabin on the first night of the cruise. It was a fabulous surprise for the birthday boy and his friend and family. Birthdays are one of the more popular used for our photo beach towels. Some are more serious, like these two instances, but many are funny using embarrassing pictures or just a photo with a best friend.

They will fit most any budget and are available in just a few days, for those that don’t plan weeks ahead. of time