Anniversary Photo Blanket

There are few occasions more significant than your anniversary.  Whether it’s your fifth or fiftieth anniversary, it is an occasion that deserves a special, memorable gift.  As the years pass, it’s a gift that will be appreciated more and more.

The wedding or engagement photos make a great place to start, especially for a first anniversary.  They are symbolic of the couples life together just as the gift itself is symbolic, they work in harmony together.  Our woven photo blanket is probably the best type for an anniversary present.  The woven blankets are a more traditional type and more heirloom-like in their style.  They are woven from 100% cotton and have fringe on the sides.

For a twentieth or fiftieth anniversary, you have more options for your photos.  All those years together create so many memorable moments.  A wedding photo is still a popular choice for the photo blanket but you may also choose to use a more recent photo from a reunion or vacation together.  We often see collages made using several photos of the couple and their family.  These can be powerful gifts because they draw on the emotions tied to each image.  Depending on the number of photos you want to include in your collage photo blanket, you may want to go with a fleece blanket.  The level of detail is just amazing and we now have several types of fleece photo blankets to choose from.  Some are as thick and snuggly as our woven blankets,  see the Sweatshirt Fleece and Double-Layer Fleece blankets.

It’s hard to go wrong with a photo blanket for your anniversary gift.  The occasion and the gift go together so nicely.


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