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How To Make Your Own Collage Photo Blanket

Collage Photo BlanketI’m amazed at the creativity of some of our customers. We receive collage images created by our customers that show an obvious talent with graphics and photo editing. But it’s often not as hard as it seems. It really takes more time than skill but also decent graphic program. Using a regular program like Work or PowerPoint will not produce a high enough quality image for the best results. Photoshop is the best but also very expensive. There are a number of lower cost alternatives too.

A photo collage is simply a collection of individual photos combined into a new, single image. When saved, this new image can be used for your order. There are two big advantages to this. First, you can create your collage exactly was you want it. You can get fancy with the image placement by rotating and overlapping your photos. Second, you avoid the additional cost of us creating the collage. Since you are submitting a single image, you do not have to pay the collage fee.

The most popular item for a collage is our Photo Blankets. Most photo blankets are large enough to add several images and still reproduce enough detail in each of the photos.  The number of recommended photos as well as recommended image size can be found under the ‘Image Requirements’ tab on the product pages. If you need help or have questions about creating a collage, please contact us and we will help you out. Other popular collage items are our Photo Puzzles and Photo Cutting Board.

Our printing process is what’s called ‘full bleed’ which means some of the image gets printed off the edge of the actual product. This is how we ensure it gets completed printed top to bottom and edge to edge. This also means you need to be cautious when creating your collage in not putting anything important, like faces or text, too close to the edge. The size of this safe area varies by product.

A Collage Photo Blanket can include photos from the most memorable events in the gift recipients life. Putting them all together in a collage will be a very emotional gift and sure to be treasured for years. Tears of joy are a common response we hear of when seeing it for the first time. They are well worth the extra time and money. Ask anyone who’s received one.

Personalized Coach Gift

Coach’s commit their time and talent to help their teams and individual players better their skills and achieve success that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Most of us have had a coach, or if we’re lucky coaches, that made a significant impact on our lives. When the season concludes, we often what to show our appreciation for all that they have done. A memorable token to show our appreciation and gratitude for these special people and the special contributions they make.

The hard part for many is deciding and agreeing on what to give our coach. The best, most memorable gifts speak to the specifics. They highlight the season, this particular team, the championship or some other memory about this year. It’s something the coach will look back on and remember the ‘who’ and the ‘why’. It will bring back the memories from that time, from this season and team. Gift Cards are appreciated but the memory does not last. It is used up and quickly forgotten.

A personalized photo gift will etch that place in time. We offer many such gifts but one the most popular coach’s gifts is our Fleece Photo Blanket. The reasons are rather simple:

  • Great detail for team photos.
  • Free personalization such as the year or team name.
  • The printed image is virtually permanent
  • Discounts when buying more than one.

Get the team mom’s together, share this page with them and then decide on what photo and if you also want personalization. A free proof is included so you can preview it before production. A Fleece Photo Blanket will make a great keepsake for any coach. They are also affordable for even the smallest teams.

Personalized Coach’s Gifts

As we get to the end of football season, many teams are deciding what to do for the coaches.  Whether you are the official or unofficial team mom, somebody is going to coordinate the coach’s gift this year.  A card and a gift certificate are nice but sometimes, some coaches, deserve more.  Maybe it was a championship season or the last year of all the kids being together.  Some are just more special than others.

To commemorate just such an occasion, a team fleece photo blanket can be just the thing.  The detail in the fleece blankets is the best of all our photo blanket. This means team photos will work very well.  You’ll recognize each kid and each coach in the picture.  Personalized text including the year, team name or championship victory can be added, free, in the team colors.

A personalized coach’s gift, like a team photo blanket, will become a memorable and much appreciated gift.  The coaches can either hang it on their wall or actually use it around the house or at games.  Either way, the image is permanently dyed into the fleece and will not flake or come off.  With simple care, it will last for years to come.

We offer three different kinds of fleece photo blankets, depending on your needs and budget.  Volume discounts are available when ordering more than one blanket.  The regular fleece blanket has been the most popular and around the longest.  A thicker option is our sweatshirt fleece.  It’s a little heavier than the regular blanket with the backside being soft and fuzzy like the inside of a sweatshirt.  The third and newest type is our Double-Layer Fleece.  It’s two fleece blankets sewn back to back.  The front one is the regular, printed blanket and the backside is a solid color.  We offer several standard colors but can also make custom colors.  A great idea is to use a team color for the backside.

When the coach’s gift needs to be something special, consider a Fleece Photo Blanket.  They will make a memorable gift the coach will appreciate for many years to come.

Cheerleader Team Photo Blankets

A Cheerleader team recently enquiredabout Photo Blankets for their team.  They wanted something with the team photo on it for each of the girls.  With tweleve girls on the team, the detail in the Photo Beach Towels and the smaller knitted and woven Photo Blankets would be marginal.  The extra larger knitted or extra large woven would work as would both sizes of the Fleece Photo Blanket.

The detail in the blanket was an important part of their decision.  Beased upon this, they decided to order the large Fleece Photo Blanket.   Of all our photo blankets, this one has the most detail.  They submitted a photo with good contrast and lighting and wanted the school’s name and year added across the bottom.

The team mom told us the girls were thrilled with the results and now have something to remember their time together on their cheerleader team.