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KKFI Fundraiser Photo Blanket

Our customers come up with some of the best ideas.  Tom has bought a number of Photo Blankets from us but for a very specific purpose. He’s come up with a creative use for our Plush Fleece Photo Blankets as a fundraiser for KKFI, a community radio station in Kansas City, MO.

As any non-profit organization finds out over time, they run out of unique ideas at times on raising funds during pledge drives or online auctions.  I’m laying in bed and the idea hits me.  Those “photo blankets” are printed from actual photos people send in as jpg images.  What if I design an entire blanket as a PDF 60″x80″ of full length winter scarves with our radio information.  I went downstairs to measure my favorite winter scarf and was surprised to find it measured 80″ in length.  I went to the computer and fired up an application I used to design a monthly newsletter. I new I could designate a specific size of the document and I made it 60″x80″ which is the size of the finished blanket.  I then started to frame up and divide the width of the blanket into equal sections and what I came up with was the width of each scarf was 7.5″ and that gave me a small edge on both sides to allow the blanket factory “wiggle room’ aligning the image for printing (works perfect every time).  My design at top and bottom left 7″-8” of white space for the ends of the scarves and I fringe them to make the finished scarf. IMPORTANT NOTE: convert your deign to PDF and when you place your blanket order it MUST be “PLUSH FLEECE” to make the best scarf.

Before you start to cut up the blanket be warned to have your vacuum ready because as you cut the fabric you’ll get bits of fleece all over the place and you’ll need vacuum it all up.

Image 1 is the actual graphic design layout before I send it off to be printed on my 60″ x 80″ PLUSH fleece blanket.

Image 2 is the actual blanket I received in the mail.


Image 3 is a graphic close-up of the design and where to cut (yellow dashed lines).

To make the scarves I cut off the factory sewn borders, width of the blanket (image 4) and I cut along the sides (80″) to remove my wiggle-room border and discard all that fabric.

I then cut along the black lines I have in my design (image 5) that are the edges of each scarf. (see the yellow dotted line in image 3).

Image 6: to make the fringe on the ends of the scarves, cut 1″ wide sections up about 6″ to bottom of design. Don’t worry these wash up and don’t fray at all. The width of fringe is up to you but just make sure it is even widths. I don’t know if 1/2″ will work and prefer the wider fringe look.  Take all your finished scarves outside and shake them out to get rid of any fleece-bits.  Put them all in the wash machine and wash in cold on short cycle. I use very little detergent and I use fabric softener.  Dry on normal or 20 minute (low heat).

Remove from dryer and use your hand to brush with grain of fleece to show your design better.  You’ll know if you went in the wrong direction because it roughs up the design.

Image 7 is Tom Edmondson the designer of these 90.1 FM scarves wearing the “work of art”.

Tom uses these as ‘premium gifts’ for people who donate to our non-profit community radio station. They are a huge hit and I can’t keep them around because everyone wants one!

Find product reviews of personalized photo gifts

This post is a little off-topic but I thought it would be helpful for everyone.  We’ve always provided the ability for any customer to post a product review. We know that comments and feedback from impartial, real people who’ve actually bought and used (or given away in many cases) our products is a valuable part of the decision making process. The product review consists of a rating of one to five stars, five being best, and an optional free-form comment.

The reviews provide unique perspective by letting you see the product from the eyes of several different people.  Many also share details on who they bought the product for and the recipients reaction. There are all kinds of heart warming stories and unique gift ideas to be found in their comments. We read through them and share many of the product reviews in our staff meetings and with those in production who make the items. It’s great to hear the stories of what happens to all the products after we ship them out.

We do not edit any of the comments so you’ll get the read their review and comments exactly as they wrote them, typos and all. We have great customers so I’m happy to say that has never happened.

Look for the ‘Read The Reviews’ button, Product Review, on the product page.

To encourage folks to take the time to write a review, we do run a monthly contest.  We take all the reviews for that month and draw one at random. We are currently giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to the winner.  You can write one review per item bought. If you’ve bought a photo blanket, a photo beach towel and a photo puzzle, you can write one review each item and you’d have three chances to win.

I hope you find the product reviews useful and find ordering from Custom Creations Unlimited and easy process and that the products exceed your expectations when they arrive.

How to buy a memorable Christmas present?

How do you buy a memorable Christmas present?  There are always a few people on your list that you want to buy something really special for.  They could be close friends or family members or maybe there was a big event that occurred this year that you want to celebrate and commemorate.  Photos have always been, and will always be, one of the best ways to preserve and celebrate memories.

Putting a special photo (or photos) on a Photo Blanket creates a fabulous way to show off those photos.  Photo albums sit on a shelf and collect dust.  A Photo Blanket can be displayed on your couch, hung on a wall or used to snuggle under.  So now what?  What kind do you choose?

For a collage, a Fleece Photo Blanket is hands down the best bet.  The detail is just fabulous so you can use lots of photos.  The fancy printing process, dye sublimation, permanently ‘prints’ your collage onto the fleece.  The printing does not create the rubbery feel of an iron-on.  Close your eyes and you’d never know it was printed.  With proper care, no bleach, your gift will last for many, many years.  There are several kinds of fleece photo blankets including Sweatshirt and Double-Layer to fit your recipient and your budget.

A Woven Photo Blanket is more traditional.  It is created by weaving pre-dyed yarn on a computer driven loom.  The natural weaving process results in the fringe on all sides, characteristic of all woven blankets.  The image is created from the same Cotton used to weave the blanket so the image is more like an artist rendering than a photograph.  This too can be displayed on your couch and is great to snuggle under.  They are very thick and soft and warm.

All of our Photo Blankets include free personalization and a free proof with your order.  The proof allows you to preview any cropping or text placement before your order is sent to production.  Any and all changes are free as well.  How else can you be sure it will turn out the way you want it to?

Imagine the reaction when someone opens the personalized Photo Blanket you bought them.  They will immediately know you took the time to buy them something special, something one of a kind.  There may be tears but they will be tears of joy and appreciation.

Photo Wall Hanging

A photo wall hanging, sometimes called a tapestry wall hanging, is one of the more unique and impressive items we offer.  It’s a woven item much like the woven photo blanket.  The similarity is that they are both tapestry woven using 100% Cotton.  However, the wall hanging is also a little different.

The photo wall hanging is a much tighter weave.  The result is much more detail because there is more cotton per inch.  The wall hangings also have a backing and the fringe on the sides is bound, so it’s not visible.  Additionally, there is a pocket sewn into the back and a wooden rod included so you can hang it on your wall as soon as you receive it.  The tapestry can be made either vertical or horizontal, depending on the photo you use, and the pocket on the back is sewn along whatever is the top edge.

If you’ve never seem a wall tapestry in person, you’ll be surprised and how much more impressive they are compared to a framed photo or artwork.  The tapestry, partly due to the texture of the woven cotton, has a more lively look to it.  It’s kind of like looking closely at an oil painting, you can see the depth of the stroke.  It gives the image a more realistic look, more lively.

A personalized wall hanging is a great way to memorialize those special moments.  A wedding photo makes a tremendous gift to your spouse for a first anniversary.  A photo of the kids, all cleaned up and smiling, is one you’ll turn your head to look at every time you walk through the room.  For those that are no longer with us, they make a great memorial.

You’ll never be disappointed with your decision to buy a photo wall hanging.  The detail and the quality is something you will treasure for many, many years to come.  Currently available in two sizes to fit your budget.