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Disney Vacation Photo Puzzle Surprise

What a great way to surprise the kids with a Disney vacation.  The idea is simple, as most great ideas usually are. Here’s how it works.

  1. Find a photo that represents the vacation destination, Disney or otherwise.
  2. Order a Photo Puzzle using that picture.
  3. Give the Photo Puzzle to the kids and let *them* put it together.

There are two steps to the surprise. This first is when they start to recognize the image.  Most kids love Disney. It’s fun and exciting and everybody recognizes the Disney characters and images.  Their very own puzzle of Mickey Mouse is so cool all by itself.

The second step is when they realize that are *going* to Disney.  Some customers will add text to the image giving it away in the form of “Thomas’s Family Vacation to Disney – 2014”.  You can picture the excitement and screams of joy when that hits their brain. We’re going on vacation to Disney! There is nothing a pure and exciting as they joy expressed by children.

I use Disney as an example because it’s a popular choice for families. It has been since I was kid. But the surprise Photo Puzzle can be used in so many other ways.

We’ve all heard of the sixteen year old getting a set of keys to the car for their birthday.  How fun would it be to watch them put together a puzzle of their car!? Ever December we watch car commercials with cars in the driveway with bows on them.  It looks great on TV, but not very practical. Give them a custom Photo Puzzle instead.

Not only will the present be a great gift but the Photo Puzzle will be kept for years.  Each time it gets put together, you’ll get to relive the moment it was put together for the first time.  The time it revealed what the surprise and the gift was. It allows us to relive the memory over and over, year after year.

It’s about creating and preserving memories that last a lifetime.

Summer Photo Beach Towels

As we get further into summer, we see more and more photo beach towels being ordered.  There are vacation photos from Hawaii, pictures from the lake house and pictures from the backyard pool.

Photo beach towels are one of my favorite gifts.  The towel itself is such a great towel in it’s own right.  The cotton is soft and thick.  You can tell a quality towel as it gets washed more and more.  Good towels get a little softer and better with age.  Poor quality towels get thinner and a little scratchy.

Second, the towels can be used on a regular basis over and over again.  Some gifts get put on a shelf and admired or used a few times but are only useful in limited situations.  A beach towel can be used at the pool and the beach all summer long.  It can also be used as a daily bath towel.  As I mentioned above, these are quality towels and stand up well to daily use.

Add the fact that it’s a one of a kind gift and you can see why I like them so much.  You can preserve a memory by letting us weave you a photo beach towel.  Years from now, you’ll remember not only the event from the photo but all the times and places you’ve used the towel too.

With our volume discounts, they are an affordable choice for events such as bridal showers, family reunions, retirements and anniversaries.  You’ll have to admit, they do make a unique gift.

Visit our the photo beach towel on our website for current product information.  You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter (bottom left of any page).  It’s sent out monthly with new product information and often includes a special promotion or coupon.


Personalized Photo Football

The football season may be over but this is the best time to sort through your photographs. At least that’s what is seems like. There are some great photographers out there taking some impression action shots of their kids playing football.

I see them on orders for our Photo Football. This is a full size football actually printed with your photo. It’s not a cheap iron-on or label. The result is a memorable keepsake from their season. They may be kept on a shelf with other trophies, rewards and keepsakes from the various sports over the years.

It won’t be long before the orders change to Photo Basketballs and Photo Baseballs. The cold winter is on its way out and the spring sports will soon be here. We have a wide selection of other personalized sports balls as well.


Scuba Photo Towels

I see a lot of interesting uses for our Photo Beach Towels from swim teams to football teams but saw one recently that was a great fit. It was an order for beach towels for a scuba club. An obvious use but one we don’t see a lot of. Each towel had a photo of the person in full scuba gear and we added their name across the bottom. Because each photo was of the person standing, they fit the 30” x 60” towels very nicely with little cropping.

Scuba guys and gals certainly have a frequent use for a towel. Our large, thick, Cotton beach towels will last for years to come because they are quality towels and not a cheap gimmick gift. The 2-ply Cotton and custom woven towel will stand up to years of use and can easily be washed and dried in your home machines.

If you’ve got a team or group and looking for a unique gift that they can actually use, take a look at our Custom Photo Beach Towel.