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Collage Photo Blankets

I’m amazed at the creativity of some of our customers. We’ve received several collages created by customers that show an obvious talent with graphics. But it’s not as hard as it seems. It really takes more time than skill. Most graphics programs allow you to combine several photos and then save the result. This result is a digital collage.

The most popular item for a collage is our Fleece Photo Blanket. The reason is the detail is just so amazing on the fleece blankets. The dye sublimation process is almost photographic in quality. It is on a fuzzy blanket instead of paper, but it’s close.

We’ve also created collages for customers on photo puzzles (as previously mentioned), photo canvas and other photo blankets including our large knitted photo blanket.

My recommendation, which I always share, is to contact us about the product you want to use the collage one.  We can then get you the image requirements so it will fit the item perfectly.


Photo Wall Hanging

A photo wall hanging, sometimes called a tapestry wall hanging, is one of the more unique and impressive items we offer.  It’s a woven item much like the woven photo blanket.  The similarity is that they are both tapestry woven using 100% Cotton.  However, the wall hanging is also a little different.

The photo wall hanging is a much tighter weave.  The result is much more detail because there is more cotton per inch.  The wall hangings also have a backing and the fringe on the sides is bound, so it’s not visible.  Additionally, there is a pocket sewn into the back and a wooden rod included so you can hang it on your wall as soon as you receive it.  The tapestry can be made either vertical or horizontal, depending on the photo you use, and the pocket on the back is sewn along whatever is the top edge.

If you’ve never seem a wall tapestry in person, you’ll be surprised and how much more impressive they are compared to a framed photo or artwork.  The tapestry, partly due to the texture of the woven cotton, has a more lively look to it.  It’s kind of like looking closely at an oil painting, you can see the depth of the stroke.  It gives the image a more realistic look, more lively.

A personalized wall hanging is a great way to memorialize those special moments.  A wedding photo makes a tremendous gift to your spouse for a first anniversary.  A photo of the kids, all cleaned up and smiling, is one you’ll turn your head to look at every time you walk through the room.  For those that are no longer with us, they make a great memorial.

You’ll never be disappointed with your decision to buy a photo wall hanging.  The detail and the quality is something you will treasure for many, many years to come.  Currently available in two sizes to fit your budget.

Dog Memorial Photo Blanket

When we lose a dog or other pet, we often want a way to keep their memory alive.  A memorial photo blanket provides a great way to preserver their memory in a way that can be treasured for years to come.  The woven photo photo blanket is the best option for a memorial blanket.

The woven photo blanket is the most ‘traditional’ type.  The fringe on the edges and the way the image appears gives it an heirloom quality.   Using a favorite photo, your blanket can be displayed on your couch or even hung on a wall.  Either way, it will last for years to come and can be washed and dried in your home machine.

We also see memorial photo blankets for horses and cats.  Most often, it is simply a favorite photo.  In some cases, a name or dates are added to the image.  No matter how you want to preserve the memory, their photo will remind you of all the good times, great memories and what a great dog they were.

Because they are made from 100% Cotton, they can be used to snuggle with as well.  Young children, and some not so young, find comfort in still being able to cuddle up with their lost dog.  They are soft and thick and warm and will provide some comfort.

Production times are usually 7-10 days for a woven photo blanket, so you won’t wait long to receive memorial blanket.  Most times, except during the holidays, we can put a rush on your blanket and get it to you a bit quicker.  All you have to do is ask.

It’s not a fun thought, but as the years go by, you’ll appreciate having a memorial photo blanket of your dog, cat or horse.

Memorial Photo Blankets

It’s not something most of us like to think about but I see signs of it all most every week.  Most of our Photo Blankets our bought for happy occasions…anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and such…but I also see many used as memorial photo blankets.  Surprisingly, many are for our four legged family member and I don’t just mean dogs.  We see a lot of horses and cats too.

Just this week we made another memorial photo blanket for a young girl and her horse.  They were sitting together in the field.  While they know the horse won’t be around too much longer, they do have a nice photo and will now have a great, heirloom quality photo blanket to always remember those days together.

During the emotional time when you lose a loved one, it’s likely not your first though, but saving and cherishing your memories is important.  Many customers have found having a blanket they can literally wrap themselves up in, is a comforting way to keep a loved one nearby.