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Photo Beach Towel for a Cruise

Photo Beach TowelWhen you plan a big celebration, often you include party favors and/or gifts for your guests. A milestone birthday or anniversary is often just such an occasion. It’s a big deal that deserves a big celebration

Our customers, people just like you, come up with some of the best ideas. There were two similar occasions that I’d like to share with you. One was a 50th anniversary cruise and the other was a 50th birthday cruise.

The couple taking a cruise for their 50th anniversary did not know what was coming. Their children contacted us. They used an old wedding photo from fifty years ago and used that to create their anniversary cruise photo beach towels. All of the kids, spouses and children on the cruise got one of these towels. For the happy couple, they created a special, individual towel for each of them. The husband got a towel with his wife on it and the wife got a towel with her husband on it.

These special, personalized gifts made the cruise even more special. More importantly, they all have a great memento from the trip that they can use and each time they use it they’ll remember the time they spend with their family on their 50th anniversary cruise.

In the other case, a popular TV host was taking her husband and several friends on a cruise for his 50th birthday. On her beach towels, she used a recent photo and a personalized text across the bottom. Each guest on the cruise received their personalized photo beach towel in their cabin on the first night of the cruise. It was a fabulous surprise for the birthday boy and his friend and family. Birthdays are one of the more popular used for our photo beach towels. Some are more serious, like these two instances, but many are funny using embarrassing pictures or just a photo with a best friend.

They will fit most any budget and are available in just a few days, for those that don’t plan weeks ahead. of time

Summer Photo Beach Towels

As we get further into summer, we see more and more photo beach towels being ordered.  There are vacation photos from Hawaii, pictures from the lake house and pictures from the backyard pool.

Photo beach towels are one of my favorite gifts.  The towel itself is such a great towel in it’s own right.  The cotton is soft and thick.  You can tell a quality towel as it gets washed more and more.  Good towels get a little softer and better with age.  Poor quality towels get thinner and a little scratchy.

Second, the towels can be used on a regular basis over and over again.  Some gifts get put on a shelf and admired or used a few times but are only useful in limited situations.  A beach towel can be used at the pool and the beach all summer long.  It can also be used as a daily bath towel.  As I mentioned above, these are quality towels and stand up well to daily use.

Add the fact that it’s a one of a kind gift and you can see why I like them so much.  You can preserve a memory by letting us weave you a photo beach towel.  Years from now, you’ll remember not only the event from the photo but all the times and places you’ve used the towel too.

With our volume discounts, they are an affordable choice for events such as bridal showers, family reunions, retirements and anniversaries.  You’ll have to admit, they do make a unique gift.

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Photo Beach Towels

Now that summer is here, we are seeing more and more orders for Photo Beach Towels.  That’s not unusal.  What is unusual are some of the occasions.  Anniversary gifts have been quite popular recently.  Sometimes it’s a gift from the spouse but more often, it’s a gift from family or friends to the happy anniversary couple.  A photo from their wedding or often something more recent with congratulatory text added.

Our beach towels are, first and foremost, great towels.  You can find cheaper towels and color printed towels, but you will not find a better beach towel.  You are buying a gift that will last for years, even with (and hopefully so) lots of use.  Many of the cheaper towels looks quite nice, but just won’t last.

We use only 100% Egyptian 2-ply Cotton.  What does that mean?  Well, it’s really good stuff.  Thick, soft, absorbent…the kind of towel that gets softer the more it’s used and washed.  I’ve got a few at home that have been in daily for a few years now.

If happen to catch this post soon, you’ll catch our summer sale on photo beach towels.  You’ll get 10% off on orders placed by June 30th, 2009  (if you use coupon code summer09).


Cruise Photo Beach Towels

When you’ve got a group going together on a cruise, you may want to have something to commemorate the trip and the occasion for the trip. Recently, we have two such instances. One was an anniversary cruise and the other a 50th birthday cruise.

The anniversary cruise photo beach towels were a surprise gift from the kids for their parents. They found five photos of their parents in their younger days and made us photo beach towels for everyone on the cruise. The anniversary couple each got their own custom towel of their spouse. What a great gift for everyone to help celebrate their 50th anniversary and a wonderful souvenir that each can use for years to come.

In the other case, a famous TV host was taking her husband and several friends on a cruise for his 50th birthday. On her beach towels, she used a recent photo and a personalized message across the bottom. Each guest on the cruise received their personalized photo beach towel in their cabin on the first night of the cruise. They now all have their own beach towel and every time they use it, they’ll remember to wonderful time they had with their friends on the 50th birthday party cruise.