Cheerleader Team Photo Blankets

A Cheerleader team recently enquiredabout Photo Blankets for their team.  They wanted something with the team photo on it for each of the girls.  With tweleve girls on the team, the detail in the Photo Beach Towels and the smaller knitted and woven Photo Blankets would be marginal.  The extra larger knitted or extra large woven would work as would both sizes of the Fleece Photo Blanket.

The detail in the blanket was an important part of their decision.  Beased upon this, they decided to order the large Fleece Photo Blanket.   Of all our photo blankets, this one has the most detail.  They submitted a photo with good contrast and lighting and wanted the school’s name and year added across the bottom.

The team mom told us the girls were thrilled with the results and now have something to remember their time together on their cheerleader team.


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