Collage Photo Blankets

I’m amazed at the creativity of some of our customers. We’ve received several collages created by customers that show an obvious talent with graphics. But it’s not as hard as it seems. It really takes more time than skill. Most graphics programs allow you to combine several photos and then save the result. This result is a digital collage.

The most popular item for a collage is our Fleece Photo Blanket. The reason is the detail is just so amazing on the fleece blankets. The dye sublimation process is almost photographic in quality. It is on a fuzzy blanket instead of paper, but it’s close.

We’ve also created collages for customers on photo puzzles (as previously mentioned), photo canvas and other photo blankets including our large knitted photo blanket.

My recommendation, which I always share, is to contact us about the product you want to use the collage one.  We can then get you the image requirements so it will fit the item perfectly.


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