Memorial Photo Blankets

It’s not something most of us like to think about but I see signs of it all most every week.  Most of our Photo Blankets our bought for happy occasions…anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and such…but I also see many used as memorial photo blankets.  Surprisingly, many are for our four legged family member and I don’t just mean dogs.  We see a lot of horses and cats too.

Just this week we made another memorial photo blanket for a young girl and her horse.  They were sitting together in the field.  While they know the horse won’t be around too much longer, they do have a nice photo and will now have a great, heirloom quality photo blanket to always remember those days together.

During the emotional time when you lose a loved one, it’s likely not your first though, but saving and cherishing your memories is important.  Many customers have found having a blanket they can literally wrap themselves up in, is a comforting way to keep a loved one nearby. 


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