Military Fleece Photo Blankets

One of the unique uses for our Photo Blankets has been for our men and women serving our country in all parts of the world. The Fleece Photo Blankets are the most popular for this mostly because the detail is just so wonderful. The large blanket with a sharp, close-up photo can be a life-size version of you, your kids or both on the actual blanket.

While we don’t promote it, we’ve made several Fleece Photo Blankets that were gifts from a wife to a husband where she was dressed in lingerie. They were tastefully done as we won’t print images that are questionable. However, we do appreciate the opportunity to support our troops in this very unique way.

In another instance, we printed a full page hand-written letter from a soldier on duty back to his girlfriend at home. He wanted to express his thanks to her for supporting him. The detail in the fleece photo blankets is so good, the letter was completely legible on the blanket. This would not be possible on a woven or knitted blanket, even ours!


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