Photo Wall Hanging

A photo wall hanging, sometimes called a tapestry wall hanging, is one of the more unique and impressive items we offer.  It’s a woven item much like the woven photo blanket.  The similarity is that they are both tapestry woven using 100% Cotton.  However, the wall hanging is also a little different.

The photo wall hanging is a much tighter weave.  The result is much more detail because there is more cotton per inch.  The wall hangings also have a backing and the fringe on the sides is bound, so it’s not visible.  Additionally, there is a pocket sewn into the back and a wooden rod included so you can hang it on your wall as soon as you receive it.  The tapestry can be made either vertical or horizontal, depending on the photo you use, and the pocket on the back is sewn along whatever is the top edge.

If you’ve never seem a wall tapestry in person, you’ll be surprised and how much more impressive they are compared to a framed photo or artwork.  The tapestry, partly due to the texture of the woven cotton, has a more lively look to it.  It’s kind of like looking closely at an oil painting, you can see the depth of the stroke.  It gives the image a more realistic look, more lively.

A personalized wall hanging is a great way to memorialize those special moments.  A wedding photo makes a tremendous gift to your spouse for a first anniversary.  A photo of the kids, all cleaned up and smiling, is one you’ll turn your head to look at every time you walk through the room.  For those that are no longer with us, they make a great memorial.

You’ll never be disappointed with your decision to buy a photo wall hanging.  The detail and the quality is something you will treasure for many, many years to come.  Currently available in two sizes to fit your budget.

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