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This post is a little off-topic but I thought it would be helpful for everyone.  We’ve always provided the ability for any customer to post a product review. We know that comments and feedback from impartial, real people who’ve actually bought and used (or given away in many cases) our products is a valuable part of the decision making process. The product review consists of a rating of one to five stars, five being best, and an optional free-form comment.

The reviews provide unique perspective by letting you see the product from the eyes of several different people.  Many also share details on who they bought the product for and the recipients reaction. There are all kinds of heart warming stories and unique gift ideas to be found in their comments. We read through them and share many of the product reviews in our staff meetings and with those in production who make the items. It’s great to hear the stories of what happens to all the products after we ship them out.

We do not edit any of the comments so you’ll get the read their review and comments exactly as they wrote them, typos and all. We have great customers so I’m happy to say that has never happened.

Look for the ‘Read The Reviews’ button, Product Review, on the product page.

To encourage folks to take the time to write a review, we do run a monthly contest.  We take all the reviews for that month and draw one at random. We are currently giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to the winner.  You can write one review per item bought. If you’ve bought a photo blanket, a photo beach towel and a photo puzzle, you can write one review each item and you’d have three chances to win.

I hope you find the product reviews useful and find ordering from Custom Creations Unlimited and easy process and that the products exceed your expectations when they arrive.

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