Realtor Housewarming Photo Blanket

Our Photo Blankets make great gifts, this is nothing new. But using them as a housewarming gift is something new for many and a fabulous idea.

Many years ago, a realtor began buying Woven Photo Blankets from us on a regular basis and shipping them directly to the new home owners. In speaking with her she told me she was buying them as a house warminggift for her new homeowners. Each Photo Blanket had a photo of their new house and she had us add the text “Welcome Home” to each one.

She said it was one of the best ideas she’s ever had. The new home owners proudly display their blanket in their home, often on their couch, and mention it (and their realtor) to everyone one who sees it. What a great way to get referrals! And she’s received many heart-felt thank you’s from her clients who know she put time and effort into selecting a personalized gift for them.

Not only is the Photo Blanket a great housewarming gift, it’s also a great marketing tool for her. Think of all the wonderful things these new home owners are saying about her behind her back. They’re talking to their family and friends, to their new neighbors and anyone else who stops by the house and sees the photo blanket proudly displayed.

While this not the typical buyer of our Photo Blankets, it is a typical response from the gift recipient. They know someone (you) put thought, time and effort into selecting their gift and it’s something they can actually use and display in their home. And when they display it, they will talk about you to their friends. Not a bad thing, right?

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