Senior Photo Blankets

Our Photo Blankets are used for so many reasons.  Most reasons are tied to making memories, or more accurately, preseving memories.  High School is filled with memories!  What better way to commemorate a senior year than a senior group photo on a Photo Blanket.  We’ve made these for basketball, cheerleaders and pom pons, football, water polo….you name it.  Most often it’s a photo of the seniors from the team in their team uniforms.  With our volume discount pricing, you’ll also save some money.

The senior Photo Blanket will be something they can look back on over the years to come and instantly remember the fun of those times together with friends back in High School.  The number of kids in the photo will, in part, determine which blanket is best.  For groups of more than 5 or 6, the fleece photo blanket will provide fabulous detail.  Even for photos of the entire team, they will work great.  For smaller groups, the woven and knitted are great options as well.

Looking back, your senior year in high school often provides a LOT of memories.  Help preserve those memories for your kids with a senior Photo Blanket.  You can never go back to those days again.  Maybe that’s a good thing but keeping the happy memories will be a gift they will always appreciate.


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