Summer Photo Beach Towels

As we get further into summer, we see more and more photo beach towels being ordered.  There are vacation photos from Hawaii, pictures from the lake house and pictures from the backyard pool.

Photo beach towels are one of my favorite gifts.  The towel itself is such a great towel in it’s own right.  The cotton is soft and thick.  You can tell a quality towel as it gets washed more and more.  Good towels get a little softer and better with age.  Poor quality towels get thinner and a little scratchy.

Second, the towels can be used on a regular basis over and over again.  Some gifts get put on a shelf and admired or used a few times but are only useful in limited situations.  A beach towel can be used at the pool and the beach all summer long.  It can also be used as a daily bath towel.  As I mentioned above, these are quality towels and stand up well to daily use.

Add the fact that it’s a one of a kind gift and you can see why I like them so much.  You can preserve a memory by letting us weave you a photo beach towel.  Years from now, you’ll remember not only the event from the photo but all the times and places you’ve used the towel too.

With our volume discounts, they are an affordable choice for events such as bridal showers, family reunions, retirements and anniversaries.  You’ll have to admit, they do make a unique gift.

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