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Scuba Photo Towels

I see a lot of interesting uses for our Photo Beach Towels from swim teams to football teams but saw one recently that was a great fit. It was an order for beach towels for a scuba club. An obvious use but one we don’t see a lot of. Each towel had a photo of the person in full scuba gear and we added their name across the bottom. Because each photo was of the person standing, they fit the 30” x 60” towels very nicely with little cropping.

Scuba guys and gals certainly have a frequent use for a towel. Our large, thick, Cotton beach towels will last for years to come because they are quality towels and not a cheap gimmick gift. The 2-ply Cotton and custom woven towel will stand up to years of use and can easily be washed and dried in your home machines.

If you’ve got a team or group and looking for a unique gift that they can actually use, take a look at our Custom Photo Beach Towel.


Swim Team Photo Beach Towels

Our Photo Beach Towels are bought for many reasons.  One of the more popular uses is for swimmers and swim teams.  The best results have been those swim teams that use a photo of each swimmer on their own towel.  Not only do they now have their own personalized photo beach towel they can use at meets as well as at home, but the detail is also great. 

Of all the swim team towels we’ve done, the most memorable have been action photos of the swimmers in the water.  It can be difficult to get a good photo of them swimming but that, along with either their name or name and school, can be a great gift. For obvious reasons, the navy blue and white towels are very popular.

The other interesting use we’ve seen with the Photo Beach Towels is often coordinated by the coaches or a few parents as a reward for swimmer achieving a significant goal.  I remember a team that had six swimmers who were going to state and each was given their own Photo Beach Towel with their photo to take with them.

The great thing about our Photo Beach Towels is the quality of the towel itself.  Being woven from 2-ply Egyptian Cotton means they are thick, absorbent towels and they get softer as they get used.  My wife and I have a few at home that are going on three years old now.  They are still in great shape and softer than the day they were woven.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to share them.


Personalized Photo Beach Towels for your anniversary gift

We’ve made several Photo Beach Towels that were given as anniversary gifts from the first anniversary to the fiftieth.  The photo is most often a wedding photo of the newly weds and often includes some optional text.  Although, towels with just the photo and no text can have a greater impact because the text can often be a distraction to the photo.

For the truly newly weds, the text can be a devotion of young love.  A simple ‘I Love You’ fits well and doesn’t distract from the image.   For those who have been at it a little longer, maybe 25 or 50 years, the text is more often the wedding date and/or ‘Happy 25th Anniversary” and maybe the couples first names.

The beach towels are truly wonderful towels.  They are woven from 100% natural Cotton, are thick and absorbent, and will last for years.  You may find cheaper towels but you won’t find a better quality towel.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to share them.