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Personalized Coach’s Gifts

As we get to the end of football season, many teams are deciding what to do for the coaches.  Whether you are the official or unofficial team mom, somebody is going to coordinate the coach’s gift this year.  A card and a gift certificate are nice but sometimes, some coaches, deserve more.  Maybe it was a championship season or the last year of all the kids being together.  Some are just more special than others.

To commemorate just such an occasion, a team fleece photo blanket can be just the thing.  The detail in the fleece blankets is the best of all our photo blanket. This means team photos will work very well.  You’ll recognize each kid and each coach in the picture.  Personalized text including the year, team name or championship victory can be added, free, in the team colors.

A personalized coach’s gift, like a team photo blanket, will become a memorable and much appreciated gift.  The coaches can either hang it on their wall or actually use it around the house or at games.  Either way, the image is permanently dyed into the fleece and will not flake or come off.  With simple care, it will last for years to come.

We offer three different kinds of fleece photo blankets, depending on your needs and budget.  Volume discounts are available when ordering more than one blanket.  The regular fleece blanket has been the most popular and around the longest.  A thicker option is our sweatshirt fleece.  It’s a little heavier than the regular blanket with the backside being soft and fuzzy like the inside of a sweatshirt.  The third and newest type is our Double-Layer Fleece.  It’s two fleece blankets sewn back to back.  The front one is the regular, printed blanket and the backside is a solid color.  We offer several standard colors but can also make custom colors.  A great idea is to use a team color for the backside.

When the coach’s gift needs to be something special, consider a Fleece Photo Blanket.  They will make a memorable gift the coach will appreciate for many years to come.

Unique Wedding Gift

A wedding gift has the potential to be a once in a lifetime kind of gift.  To do that, it needs to be unique and personalized but what else?

It should be something emotional for the couple.  This is one occasion where it really is the thought that counts and not the amount spent.  Few things bring back more memories and emotions than a photo.  A photograph from the wedding of the new couple or a really great photograph of them while there were still dating are great choices.

Now that you have a photo, what do you do with it?  A Photo Blanket makes a great unique wedding gift for three reasons.  First, being made from their photo it’s truly a one-of-a-kind.  Something they’ve never seen before and won’t have anything like it.  Second, it’s a gift you know they will actually use.  It won’t be put in a cabinet only to be brought out for special occasions like fine china.  Third, every time they look at it they will think of each other and the love they share.

Of all the photo blankets we offer, there are two that are most popular as wedding gifts.  Our Woven Photo Blanket has been around the longest and is the most popular.  It is woven from 100% Cotton and has the fringe on the sides.  The woven blanket is a more traditional, heirloom type of blanket with the detail being like an artist rendering or painting.  It’s a classic!

The second most popular photo blanket is also a newer type.  Our Double Layer Fleece Photo Blanket is a stunning blanket.  The image detail on the fleece blanket is absolutely beautiful.  The dye sublimation process creates an image with photographic detail.  Our regular fleece blanket has been a top seller for years.  With the double layer, we sew a second blanket onto the back.  The edges are rolled and sewn for a classy, finished edge.  The result is a photo blanket with detail better than any other and thicker than any other.  This makes it a great blanket to both look at and snuggle under on the couch.

For those looking to give a truly memorable and unique wedding gift, either a woven or fleece photo blanket will be a gift they happy couple will remember cherish for a lifetime.  And they’ll have you to thank for it.

Anniversary Photo Blanket

There are few occasions more significant than your anniversary.  Whether it’s your fifth or fiftieth anniversary, it is an occasion that deserves a special, memorable gift.  As the years pass, it’s a gift that will be appreciated more and more.

The wedding or engagement photos make a great place to start, especially for a first anniversary.  They are symbolic of the couples life together just as the gift itself is symbolic, they work in harmony together.  Our woven photo blanket is probably the best type for an anniversary present.  The woven blankets are a more traditional type and more heirloom-like in their style.  They are woven from 100% cotton and have fringe on the sides.

For a twentieth or fiftieth anniversary, you have more options for your photos.  All those years together create so many memorable moments.  A wedding photo is still a popular choice for the photo blanket but you may also choose to use a more recent photo from a reunion or vacation together.  We often see collages made using several photos of the couple and their family.  These can be powerful gifts because they draw on the emotions tied to each image.  Depending on the number of photos you want to include in your collage photo blanket, you may want to go with a fleece blanket.  The level of detail is just amazing and we now have several types of fleece photo blankets to choose from.  Some are as thick and snuggly as our woven blankets,  see the Sweatshirt Fleece and Double-Layer Fleece blankets.

It’s hard to go wrong with a photo blanket for your anniversary gift.  The occasion and the gift go together so nicely.