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Photo Puzzles for Mother’s Day

A personalized gift for Mother’s Day is sure to keep you out of the dog house.  Something with a picture on it is a great start.  Mom’s seem to love their photos.  Photos of the kids, of the dog or whatever matters most to them.

Photo puzzles come in a variety of sizes and two different types.  There is the  standard cardboard kind and a high quality wooden photo puzzle.  Either will provide some good quality time putting it together whether that’s for just time for Mom or if the whole family does it together.  Once complete, the puzzles  are easy to glue and frame making a memorable wall hanging.  Some Mom’s will want to take it apart and do all over again.

The standard photo puzzles are less expensive so make a great gift from the kids.  The wooden photo puzzles are available in more sizes and some special designs.  We have one where then puzzle pieces spell out “I LOVE MOM“.  They are made with a glossy finish and are more durable.  If you’ve never seen a high quality wooden puzzle, you don’t know how different they are from a standard puzzle.  Mom will certainly be impressed.

With fast production times and quick shipping options, we can get them in your hands (or right into Mom’s hands) quickly and easily.  As with all orders, online order status and shipment tracking numbers are provided.


Wooden Photo Puzzles

While custom photo puzzles are a popular gift idea, a bride recently used them in a very unique way.  She created a photo collage for each of her bridesmaids and used them to create a wooden photo puzzle as a gift for each of them.  The collage was made up of photographs that were meaningful to her and her friends and included the text “Best Friends”.

With a little knowledge and a graphics program, it’s something anyone can do.  She order the 10x 14 wooden puzzle so created an image that was 10″ x 14″ at 200 dpi.  She layout out the photos and text exactly as she wanted them then saved the image as a high quality jpg file.  She then used this file when she placed her order. 

The puzzles are printed using dye sublimation so they came out looking just like the collage she created.  The wooden puzzles have the advantage of being made from a high quality pressed wood.  Our wooden photo puzzles are much more durable than puzzles made from cardboard and they come with an impressive, glossy finish.  The result is a fantastic gift that will be remembered for years to come.