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Realtor Housewarming Photo Blanket

Our Photo Blankets make great gifts, this is nothing new. But using them as a housewarming gift is something new for many and a fabulous idea.

Many years ago, a realtor began buying Woven Photo Blankets from us on a regular basis and shipping them directly to the new home owners. In speaking with her she told me she was buying them as a house warminggift for her new homeowners. Each Photo Blanket had a photo of their new house and she had us add the text “Welcome Home” to each one.

She said it was one of the best ideas she’s ever had. The new home owners proudly display their blanket in their home, often on their couch, and mention it (and their realtor) to everyone one who sees it. What a great way to get referrals! And she’s received many heart-felt thank you’s from her clients who know she put time and effort into selecting a personalized gift for them.

Not only is the Photo Blanket a great housewarming gift, it’s also a great marketing tool for her. Think of all the wonderful things these new home owners are saying about her behind her back. They’re talking to their family and friends, to their new neighbors and anyone else who stops by the house and sees the photo blanket proudly displayed.

While this not the typical buyer of our Photo Blankets, it is a typical response from the gift recipient. They know someone (you) put thought, time and effort into selecting their gift and it’s something they can actually use and display in their home. And when they display it, they will talk about you to their friends. Not a bad thing, right?

If you’d like more information on our wholesale program for realtors and other professionals, please see our wholesale website, Original Photo Blankets, at www.orginal-photo-blankets.com

Unique Wedding Gift

A wedding gift has the potential to be a once in a lifetime kind of gift.  To do that, it needs to be unique and personalized but what else?

It should be something emotional for the couple.  This is one occasion where it really is the thought that counts and not the amount spent.  Few things bring back more memories and emotions than a photo.  A photograph from the wedding of the new couple or a really great photograph of them while there were still dating are great choices.

Now that you have a photo, what do you do with it?  A Photo Blanket makes a great unique wedding gift for three reasons.  First, being made from their photo it’s truly a one-of-a-kind.  Something they’ve never seen before and won’t have anything like it.  Second, it’s a gift you know they will actually use.  It won’t be put in a cabinet only to be brought out for special occasions like fine china.  Third, every time they look at it they will think of each other and the love they share.

Of all the photo blankets we offer, there are two that are most popular as wedding gifts.  Our Woven Photo Blanket has been around the longest and is the most popular.  It is woven from 100% Cotton and has the fringe on the sides.  The woven blanket is a more traditional, heirloom type of blanket with the detail being like an artist rendering or painting.  It’s a classic!

The second most popular photo blanket is also a newer type.  Our Double Layer Fleece Photo Blanket is a stunning blanket.  The image detail on the fleece blanket is absolutely beautiful.  The dye sublimation process creates an image with photographic detail.  Our regular fleece blanket has been a top seller for years.  With the double layer, we sew a second blanket onto the back.  The edges are rolled and sewn for a classy, finished edge.  The result is a photo blanket with detail better than any other and thicker than any other.  This makes it a great blanket to both look at and snuggle under on the couch.

For those looking to give a truly memorable and unique wedding gift, either a woven or fleece photo blanket will be a gift they happy couple will remember cherish for a lifetime.  And they’ll have you to thank for it.

Dog Memorial Photo Blanket

When we lose a dog or other pet, we often want a way to keep their memory alive.  A memorial photo blanket provides a great way to preserver their memory in a way that can be treasured for years to come.  The woven photo photo blanket is the best option for a memorial blanket.

The woven photo blanket is the most ‘traditional’ type.  The fringe on the edges and the way the image appears gives it an heirloom quality.   Using a favorite photo, your blanket can be displayed on your couch or even hung on a wall.  Either way, it will last for years to come and can be washed and dried in your home machine.

We also see memorial photo blankets for horses and cats.  Most often, it is simply a favorite photo.  In some cases, a name or dates are added to the image.  No matter how you want to preserve the memory, their photo will remind you of all the good times, great memories and what a great dog they were.

Because they are made from 100% Cotton, they can be used to snuggle with as well.  Young children, and some not so young, find comfort in still being able to cuddle up with their lost dog.  They are soft and thick and warm and will provide some comfort.

Production times are usually 7-10 days for a woven photo blanket, so you won’t wait long to receive memorial blanket.  Most times, except during the holidays, we can put a rush on your blanket and get it to you a bit quicker.  All you have to do is ask.

It’s not a fun thought, but as the years go by, you’ll appreciate having a memorial photo blanket of your dog, cat or horse.