Teacher’s Gifts

Personalized teacher’s gifts are a great way to let a teacher know that he or she is appreaciated for all that they do.  We’ve all come across teachers that really make an impact on our lives and that of our children.  You know they care and want to let them know it didn’t go unnoticed.  You’ll find several different personalized gifts for teachers.  Depending on your budget you might consider:

  • Photo Beach Towels:  At the end of the year, invest in a personalized beach towel for the teacher. Take a group photo of the class and have the photo placed on the towel. The teacher may decide to take the towel to the beach or to use it as a decorative item in the classroom or at home. It is also possible to customize the gifts to match the school’s colors or alma mater.
  • Photo Blanket:  Another of the great photo teacher gifts is the photo blanket. A photo blanket has a photo placed upon it like the beach towel is. This can be a great as a Christmas gift for the teacher, as a way to show appreciation for something great the teacher has done, or a “just because” to let the teacher know that he or she is special. Again, the class’s picture can be placed upon the blanket and a message can be added to let the teacher know how special they are to the class.
  • Personalized Photo Tote Bag:  one great personalized teacher gift is the photo tote bag. Teachers have a lot to carry to and from school, so they usually use tote bags to do that. They have papers to grade at home and other projects that are brought to and from the school. A personalized tote bag can sport a class picture and is very sturdy to make sure that all of those heavy items the students need make it to the school.

A personalized teacher’s gift is something the teacher will never forget, will always appreciate the gesture and remind him or her that what they do everyday is so very important.


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