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Woven Photo Blanket - Large (54 x 70)


Oh my gosh I could not believe when I opened the package, how beautiful my woven blanket turned out. The quality was unbelievable and seeing the pictures I submitted actually woven into this blanket was so awesome to say the least. I was so excited I took it to work to show some of my friends and two of them actually had tears in their eyes. The blanket was a birthday present to my sister. It had,in the bottom corner, a picture of all three of her boys grown up. In the other three corners were younger pictures of the boys around age 2-7. The youngest who would now be 21 passed away 3 years ago from brain cancer so I knew this would be a very very special gift for her. Well needless to say, yes she did cry at first, but absolutely loved the blanket. On it I had them write "Treasures of my Heart". I told her now you can cuddle up with all three of your boys at once. I dont really remember much more after that, it was pretty emotional to say the least, but you just have to know that I would have paid 3 times the price for that blanket for as beautiful as it was. I wish I could include a picture of it in my review. I almost forgot to say how great the customer service is. It is VERY personalized service which you just do not get anymore, and that plus the excellent quality of my blanket, I will definitely be ordering from them again and already a lot of people at work have asked me what name of the company is where I got that gorgeous blanket.
Date Added: 01/20/2011 by Linda Alba